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Carole Matthews

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Welcome to the website of Carole Matthews... Intuitive Medium. 

On our earthly journey, we touch the lives of others... in turn, they touch us.  Each encounter has value.  I trust that through our contact, yours and mine, here in these website pages, you will open your heart to question your own truth...  discover your own spiritual knowing...  and feel comforted that there is life after the death of the physical body. 

We come into contact with one another for a reason, perhaps you will receive a reading that will unlock your potential, give you peace, allow you to find closure, answer your questions...

Click through the website, you'll find letters from listeners, articles, information on previous and new guests of The MessengerFiles, recommended reading to answer your questions and validations of life after death. 

So!  "Let's work like we don't need the money... Love like we've never been hurt... Dance as if no one is watching...  And... share God's love with all we meet..."

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The Easy Reader Carole Matthews and My Journey For Health and Happiness
By Tamara Thompson

When I met Carole Matthews I was Twenty-Five and down and out. Down and out with my money matters, my heart, my hope just about everything seemed to be going downhill. I was about to move from City to Country with My Mother. She spoke to me about Carole Matthews, a Psychic Medium who spoke to angels or angels spoke to her. I was not a skeptic person at all, the state I was in, anything would and could help. My Mother went to her and found her out of this world fantastic! She told me what was said about me in my Mothers reading and I truly wanted to meet this lady. My Mother as a nice gift, knowing also how much counseling I needed at the time booked me in to see her. I was so excited, I was new to the town of Meaford and needed guidance. At that time, I didn't know just how much she would mean to me as the years passed by.

The first time I saw her, I just failed out of two schools, was hospitalized twice, had no clue what I wanted career wise and thought this would be my life forever as confused as we all get sometimes. Carole shocked me in a good way. We lived only 10 minutes apart. I vowed after first meeting Carole whom I believed in whole heartedly; that I would see her every Six months along with my therapist. She is much more then a psychic medium, with that I mean, Carole does not just give you the goods and off you go, even if it is something crucial and tender that needs to be addressed she is able to deliver her conviction with such positive light, so that even if the prediction is somewhat not what you expected-you learn to get over any hump knowing that there is a bright side. She offers her positive SPIN on any situation to get you through whatever life throws your way. In that, her clairvoyance becomes a tool and did for me for any upset or anything wonderful and magical. The first meeting she told me I was going to be in the nurturing field...I thought and spoke "I have a field"? I was so excited that my life and career attempts were not limited or over. She also said I would be in "freelance"...again I thought... hmm... Lady, you just gave me HOPE! I had no clue of what freelance was, I really didn't. I would not let Carole know that though. I came home that day with such hope and complete conviction...that I actually felt I was given a chance to make it! Then asked my Mom-What is Freelance??? and Nurturing...hmm???

I did make attempts to see Carole every six months. My readings were always invaluable and bang ON! Every time I would come home with something to look forward to. Wow, a I went on my journey and became a PSW finishing my Nurses Aide program. I was excited to become a PSW... later-I became an Aesthetician...still in the nurturing field and faired very well. Still not knowing what really type of freelance I would do??

So there I was years before a very lost soul, until I met Carole Matthews who really lit my spark. Later I learned what a freelancer was...and thought...hmm...I don't paint...maybe I become a photographer...?? In the end it was my writing that stood out.

With the illness I have or had...some days are way better then others, now years go by and it is mostly unnoticed...and there are a lot of great days...she told me the past is behind me, so I believed her whole heartedly once again and as she says AND SO IT IS! Carole speaks gentle but frank and to the point, she knows what she is talking about and she lets you know that "HEY SHE JUST KNOWS...."!!

My recovery lays heavily on my spiritualism, I had a spiritual awakening just months after meeting Carole and that lifted my soul like nothing else, I began my journey of my own self healing and my own positivity train; again she lit a fire in me that just wouldn't stop blazing! Carole Matthews is witty, tasteful, on beat, fun, warm and well of course charismatic. I would move from area to area around southern Ontario, still believing from a far that my life would turn out and was, just as all of ours does in differing ways. All I knew was and SO IT IS. Carole taught me to believe in myself...there are so many memories that I have had with Carole that still sit with me and resides in how I live and have grown. From someone who was really frightened of the world, she told me that I would bloom one day, hey again...OK, I will bloom one day, yay!

Even if you are going through a rough patch...she puts such a twist of fate on things that you just think, oh well...there is a reason and I must still believe and keep persevering. Until you are really even grateful for life's curve balls and hiccups, you learn to love your challenges.

Carole Matthews means a lot to me... and many many people out there know that what I have written is true to the C, she cares...truly...! She turned a once timid, frowny, upset young girl into a happy go lucky, try try work love love, give give give...BE BE BE type of girl and I am so lucky to have spent some time with her, I along with, I know very many value her TRUTH more then I think she knows.

A one of a kind, psychic medium who will make you believe just because you CAN BELIEVE and WHY NOT!

Thanks C, you for me made grapes into wine, apples into cider and always lemons into lemonade.

You must check out her webpage and all things Carole Matthews at Carole Matthews Messenger Files...there you can get in touch with her if you please. Well worth everything!


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**Ten tiny words of power... if it is to be it is up to me...

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