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Welcome to the website of Carole Matthews... Intuitive Medium. 

On our earthly journey, we touch the lives of others... in turn, they touch us.  Each encounter has value.  I trust that through our contact, yours and mine, here in these website pages, you will open your heart to question your own truth...  discover your own spiritual knowing...  and feel comforted that there is life after the death of the physical body. 

We come into contact with one another for a reason, perhaps you will receive a reading that will unlock your potential, give you peace, allow you to find closure, answer your questions...

Click through the website, you'll find letters from listeners, articles, information on previous and new guests of The MessengerFiles, recommended reading to answer your questions and validations of life after death. 

So!  "Let's work like we don't need the money... Love like we've never been hurt... Dance as if no one is watching...  And... share God's love with all we meet..."

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The phone-in radio/online show The Carole Matthews Show on 560 CFOS may be heard every Saturday morning from 11:00am to 12:00pm EST.  Call in numbers are:  519-376-7777 or 1-800-265-3757.  To join us online, you may click here:  listen to The Carole Matthews Show.

Carole Matthews, Psychic Medium is scheduling appointments: Ontario (519-270-5988)
Atlantic Provinces (902-786-9024)
and West Coast (519-270-5988)
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To book email Carole at

Carole is also available for
speaking engagements while in these areas!


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Look through your "Spiritual Lens" with Patricia Brooks: Indigo, Rainbow and Crystal Children: Who Are They and Could You Be One? Click here to listen in!

James Redfield, author of the Celestine Prophesy & The Twelfth Insight Click here.

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