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About Carole Matthews...

With a warm heart and a keen sense of meaning and purpose, Carole Matthews touches the lives of people everywhere.  Whether given in a private session or broadcast to thousands over national media, Carole’s message is one of hope, clarity and spiritual enlightenment. It is a message that few will forget.

Carole’s inner strength and witty sense of humor comes from her own life: her roots in both Winnipeg and Keswick, Ontario, the challenge of two near fatal car accidents, and the joys of her three children, six grandchildren, two great grandchildren Ella and Jaxon, and her Bichon dog/friend Tuffy.

Carole has recently found balance with a coast to coast life style – alternating between her loyal clientele in both British Columbia and Ontario.  Being a Sagittarius it is very difficult to keep her in one place...  Part of what keeps Carole and her life intriguing.

Realizing balance was necessary she decided to practice what she preached and she “put it out there” and found what she thrives on.  Freedom to be her own person yet commitment to her gift!

As an Intuitive Medium Carole does not speak for people; rather, she opens the door to let the communication between loved ones flow.  Through her, many have discovered their Guardian Angels - those gentle spirits who once loved us dearly and continue to guide us and guard us and therefore help to shape our lives.

Within each of us is a source of great power: our Inner Voice.  Carole unlocks the barriers that may prevent people from realizing their potential over personal, career, health and spiritual challenges.

She guides her clients to a higher level of self-awareness and motivation.

Strength - passion - affirmation - these are some of the many gifts Carole leaves with her audience.  Many have contacted Carole afterwards - sometimes years later -  to recount how her message was a catalyst in changing their lives.

Most special to Carole are her devoted private clients in Ontario and British Columbia; individuals who continue to both receive guidance and teach Carole as they uncover the mysteries of life together.

Carole also reaches people though her Inner Voice and Guardian Angel workshops and the very popular Interactive Evening events.

Thousands more have heard Carole through broadcast media such as Jane Hawtin Live, The Erin Davis Show, Daytime television show and radio broadcasts on 640AM and CFRB, and numerous speaking engagements.

Her popular weekly radio/online show "The Carole Matthews Show" formerly “The MessengerFiles”on 560 CFOS is one of Carole’s many passions. Newspaper and magazine columns also are a vehicle for Carole to do what she calls “getting the much needed message out there."   Upcoming books and CD’s are also keeping her busy, not to mention her informative website.

Carole’s favorite saying by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin sums up her feelings on life:

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience."

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