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Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into…

~Wayne Dyer

Ever thought of sleeping on your money? What? you say.

According to Feng Shui experts placing money and stocks and bonds under our mattress or under our bed will attract prosperity. Why, because it means we are feeling secure with our money and will attract more while we sleep!

Now that I have your attention we will start at the beginning…what is Feng Shui…

Feng Shui literally means wind and water and is the Chinese art of placement of objects etc. in our homes and offices, and even our automobiles, in such a way that energy (chi) will flow and create positive happenings in our lives.

According to Eastern astrology 2007 is a good year…the Year of the pig/boar, The Pig/Boar is known to be kind and courteous so therefore the energy and actions of the year will be the same. People will become more aware of others’ feelings and compassion will be flowing. Can only be good!

Numerology wise 2007 ads up to a 9 and nine is a very powerful number…a 9 year is one of integrity and wisdom, not to mention self assessing.

Being open to making changes in our lives can be very positive and there are many ways to create abundance in our lives…not only in the money and career area but in our relationships also.

Feng Shui experts suggest that we begin by creating a private space for ourselves, it all begins within! One of my favorite sayings is “what I am looking for is not out there, it is within me!”

It is important to our well-being to surround ourselves and our loved ones with souvenirs, artwork, books, goals, images and mementos that lift our spirit. Remember that less is more and change these things as your situations change. And they will change when you take time to focus on your direction. Create a space that can be as small as a favorite corner in your bedroom or a comfortable chair but it is exclusively yours, a place where you can journal your feelings or just simply BE and find peace and serenity.

After you have relaxed in your space take time to tackle the clutter in your home or office…that little word “chi” needs to flow and it meets with difficulty when you have an overabundance of “stuff”.

I find that if you time yourself…give it an hour a day, then it doesn’t seem like such a chore.

Know that the clothes you have had since crinolines were in style are probably not coming back and when they do you won’t want to wear them anyway! A great mode for your mind to be in while decluttering.

The same goes for books, cds, and papers that no longer serve you…clear them out!

Trust in this process and you will find that you will receive other articles of clothing and new music and books…the Universe will see that you are ready for change and voila…

Clearing the space around your telephone, computer and filing cabinets will bring more business connections and money to you. Keeping the energy flowing will put you in the direction of abundance and receiving.

I truly believe that when we are open to the positive it will appear in many forms. Always be aware that we have choices and options in our daily lives and when we work with them we can only prosper.

Take time for yourself this year and enjoy the journey!

Books I recommend:
Inspirations by Wayne Dyer
Squeeze the Day by Loretta Laroche
The Secret DVD/Book
Celestine Prophecies DVD and Book

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