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Trusting is an important part of manifesting needs, desires...

Each week I feature an affirmation. I have been asked how they work and what is the best way to get effects from them. An affirmation is a statement of intent; something you say to manifest what you need and desire in your life.

Having said that, I always voice mine declaring that I already have what I want and need.  For instance, if you say, “I want a better job, a satisfying relationship, you will always be “wanting”.  I suggest to thank the universe for the better job position or the relationship as if it is already there.  A very important part of manifesting is trusting. I believe we have a five-step program to follow: desire, intent, surrender and allowance ... then trust.

Let’s use wanting a home move for instance: The “desire” is to state that we want to move.

An “intent” that has been very popular with clients and listeners to my radio show is to pack a small box with one item from each room of your home.

“Surrender” is the next step. Tape up the box, put the location of your next residence, we don’t always know the address, on the label, put it in your cupboard, stand back and “allow’ it to happen.

This of course brings the need to “trust!” Give it a try. Trusting is the most difficult of the whole process because it is an “out there thing” that cannot be seen, but once we start to trust in ourselves and give the universe the chance it needs to help us, we won’t look back.

Excellent books/audio tapes on the subject of manifesting are: "Manifest Your Destiny" and "You Will See It When You Believe It, both by Wayne Dyer" and “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" by Robin Sharma.  I have also discovered, or did she discover me, a neat lady with a very upbeat concept and best selling book…Grace Cirocco is the author of ”Take The Step, The Bridge will be There.”

Take a few moments each day to say your affirmations; my suggestion is starting your day on a positive note.  Belt them out in the shower. It’s a great feeling, trust me! (There’s that big word again). 

Standing in front of a mirror and connecting with your eyes and telling that person in front of you that you are “having a wonderful day,” or are thankful for having a constructive meeting with “the boss,” is a very powerful way to affirm your intentions.

I always say you have nothing to lose. It is like chicken soup, it can’t hurt and it might help. Enjoy the process!

The intent of the above affirmation is to allow us to enjoy the beauty around us, not to wish for a better planet, or for more interest in ecological measures.  By saying this we are acknowledging that it is there already and we appreciate it, and therefore it will continue... And So It Is!!

~~Carole Matthews

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