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Medium is not a dress size nor is it that way you prefer your steak. Not in my life, anyway. A Medium is me, Carole Matthews. It is also a way of life, a gift that it seems I entered this wonderful planet with.

I am often asked what it was like being me and growing up in a small town on Lake Simcoe and seeing what normal people would call ghosts. I always called them Guardian Angels and I still do to this day. How did I do it? Day by day I took baby steps in learning how to handle and get used to these “people” who would be at my side no matter where I went.

How does a young child with the gift of seeing and hearing people from the “Other side” convince others that this is happening? Not easy! You really have to work up to it very carefully!

Seeing Grandpa at the bottom of my bed telling me not to worry, he would always love me and be there for me and then discover upon waking that he had passed on an hour before he tucked me in. Now, that was an interesting dinner table topic!

My wonderful Cocker Spaniel Nipper used to climb up on the bed at night and cuddle with me. Well, that’s quite usual, except he had been passed on for over a year.

I learned at a very early age that some things were to be kept to myself... parents just didn’t understand and usually blamed my stories on too much ice cream before bed or a flair for dramatics. Well, the ice cream privileges stopped but the visits continued and they do to this day. Now I understand and am honored to be part of their visiting agenda.

I have always paid extra attention and listen to children who talk about Angels and their nightmares about people who have passed away because I was there. I remember the frustration of wanting people to believe things this cute knowledgeable 6 year old was telling anyone who would listen. It was so real to me why couldn’t it be real to them?

One day while I was skipping, without a care in the world, down to the local store for a quart of milk I saw a car hit the side of the bridge and fall into the river. Running home very quickly I told mom and dad and the police and Fire Department were dispatched to the scene. No car in the river! You can imagine the ruckus that brought, not only to my living room but to the whole town. If only they had been a bit more patient... the car did its plunge the next day. I saw it ahead of time... what a gift! Some would say not.

You quickly develop a good sense of humor and learn how to roll your eyes and say “oh, not again” when yet another event occurs that you saw ahead of time!

I am pleased, and relieved that through the media more attention is being given to shows like Medium, Ghost Whisperer and others too numerous to name.

Recently I had the pleasure of being Key Note speaker for a group of very open and curious women and was amazed at how they reacted and interacted with myself and the subject. One we couldn’t have discussed openly ten or fifteen years ago.

A point I make at the end of each of my talks and consultations is simply this: Trust in yourself and know that if and when you have a visit of a different kind from Grandpa or an old friend... they are Guardian Angels and are here to guard you and guide you. They aren’t going to jump out of a closet at you... Angels are just that!

Secondly, always listen to your children when they want to share their dreams or when they ask you so set another place at the table for their new friend. Really listen!

You could be blessed with another ME on your hands and that could be a wonderful journey for all involved.


Suggested Books:
Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue
Crystal Children and Rainbow Children by Doreen Virtue
When God Winks by Squire Rushnell

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