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“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

Affirmation:  I trust in the signs my angels give me.

Our daily lives have become very busy and sometimes much disorganized. We are spending more time hurrying and waiting and feeling like we are going in circles. Well, we aren’t.  It just seems that way. Sometimes traffic jams and crashed computers are signs that we need to slow down and smell the coffee and the roses!

I believe our Guardian Angels send us these little set backs just so we can take time and get a better perspective on things.

Recently, I heard a lady complaining about the uncertainty in our weather and how it was inconveniencing her daily plans. Well, could I bite my tongue and not mention how many people are destitute because of storms and tornados that actually were not penciled in their day timers or on their “to do” list? You guessed it... I told her in a nice way of course, and as synchronicity happens I met her again a week later and she thanked me for the “lecture.” Seems her friends had been traveling and unknown to my new acquaintance, decided to do some spur of the moment sightseeing and lost everything in the New Orleans disaster. We now have a new volunteer in town... guess who?

I believe that we are in the right place at the right time to be Guardian Angels here on earth and that the Universe sends us people needing a wake up call or a SATORI, as my favorite author and Inspirational speaker Wayne Dyer calls it! You can use the word... I love it!

Our Guardian Angels work in many ways and the more we listen to them and acknowledge that, “well, maybe it wasn’t a coincidence” more signs will come our way. Every thing is energy and when we begin to react in a positive way we will believe the saying “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

I would like to share some incidents or happenings that may open your awareness to Angel messages or “signs!”

We have all had times in our lives when financial difficulties seemed to be never ending. Yet there was always enough money for basic expenses... rent, food, utilities. Finances always seemed to appear where and when they were needed.

Do you recall the day you received your last check from unemployment and panicked... well, out of the blue a job came along? And a good one at that!

Have you ever walked into a book store not knowing what to buy, and the book you need falls from a shelf and practically hits you over the head.

You finally end a dead end relationship and immediately another partner comes into your life.

Remember when you were feeling totally depressed and couldn’t find a purpose or even a focus in your life and the next person you talk to says something that brings you the guidance you need.

We have all experienced this subtle sign...You drive to a place where parking is "next to impossible" and someone pulls out of a parking spot or it is just waiting for you.

Do yourself a favor and make it your mission in your daily travels to be aware of little out of the ordinary things that happen i.e. A song that your father used to sing comes on the radio just as you are thinking of him or you have been feeling rather lost regarding your career and your boss sends you flowers!

Got it?

A book I suggest:
If you hear the Message Three Times…Listen by Patricia Heller

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