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The Healing Energy of Crystals and Gems in Our Lives

I am often asked how crystals and gems play a role in our lives and how and why I became interested in them.

I had the pleasure of being asked by the Victoria B.C. Lapidary Society to be their spokesperson at the annual Rock and Gem Show. This three day event in Victoria draws crowds from all over the country and was a great success for all involved.

Having hosted my radio show in Victoria for three years had put me in contact with many “crystal outlets”. Looking back now I have to smile when I remember what a challenge it was to talk to the owners of such stores and try to convince them that, yes, there is an appeal and a magic to these colourful blocks of material from the earth.
I soon discovered that as the interest in the information I gave to both my clients and listeners grew, so did the sales in the stores across the island and the mainland.

Having said this, it is understandable why it was quite an honor to be asked to be a part of this gathering of geologists. To not only be accepted but to be present to answer questions from both the society members and the hundreds of visitors to the exhibition made me silently say a big “YES”. The awareness that I had been spreading was finally coming full circle..

My interest in crystals came as a fluke, (no such thing as) when I first came to Victoria seven years ago. Prior to leaving Ontario I had a very bad case of inner ear infection, bordering on vertigo. My determination to relocate out there made me fly against the doctor’s orders, and I must admit, it did aggravate the condition.

Having decided one day to explore the streets of Victoria I wandered into a store that had all sorts of wonderful stones and crystals. Not really knowing what they were I picked up a beautiful shiny black piece, held it in my hand and asked the salesclerk what it was. She answered my question with “do you have inner ear infection?” Well, after I caught my breath I said “yes, why?’ Her answer was...”well that is hematite and it is for keeping one grounded, especially when off balance from an ear infection. One can only imagine my surprise and my haste to leave the store. Was this woman for real or a mind reader!!

As my visits to B.C. became more frequent I had more interesting stories around crystals and my “finding” them.

One very touching story was when I found out my oldest daughter was about to have her third child...(the call from the doctor came three months after her husband had a vasectomy that did not work).

Although they were happy there were many mixed emotions, mostly brought on by financial stresses.

On another of my daily walks in Victoria I wandered in to the same store and was thinking about my daughter when I saw a very beautiful piece of rose quartz. Again, I asked what it was and the same clerk said ”Do you have someone who is pregnant?” Well, now I was speechless and wondering if everyone out west was psychic!!! She informed me that this is a stone of nurturing and mothering, and commonly given to expectant mothers. Well, I just stammered thank you, bought it and sent it to my daughter!!!

A client of mine called me a few months ago and asked what crystal to give an expectant sister... I of course suggested rose quartz. Soon after I received another call from her... quite distressed. Apparently the rose quartz had broken in half... I just smiled and said “Did she have twins?” ...she had!

I cannot help but believe in the ability of crystals to help us in healing, especially emotionally!

Just to have a crystal to focus on and know that the energy is working with us is a wonderful tool to keep us going in a world that is going through a lot of unrest and turmoil.

Although I must say, I believe it is not the world but the people... the world is beautiful.

Take a moment to look at the ever expanding blue skies and lush green grass and trees we are fortunate to have in our lives.

I have many more crystal findings and plan to share them with you in future columns.

In the meantime find the one that is special to you and your journey.


~~Carole Matthews

For more information about crystals and gems, get a copy of Judy Hall's "Crystal Bible."

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