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Affirmation: I believe in the magic of my dreams...

Magical? Yes dreams can be if we listen to them and follow the direction they put us in - in both our personal and career path.

One of the many hats I wear as an Intuitive is to interpret dreams for my clients and listeners to my radio show.

We are living in such a fast paced environment, sometimes exciting other times stressful.  Our dreams can be the catalyst for us to either slow down or pick up pace!  I believe that our dreams are sent to us often as messages from our Guardian Angels.

During a consultation with a client we will discuss the fact that they have been so very stressed at work and had a dream of their passed on parent standing at the end of their bed with a frown and a sense of concern. I set them at ease by simply telling them that the bedroom is the only quiet place their Angels or Guides can get their undivided attention.

A rule of thumb when dealing with our dreams is to prepare ourselves ahead of time to remember them. We can program our mind to recall our dreams upon awakening.  How often do we tell ourselves we have to wake up early for an important meeting?  Same thing.  Our mind listens and stores what we put in it... whether it be tuning in to our dreams or remembering to make appointments!

Dreams can be our ticket to wonderful journeys or simply “wake-up calls”, no pun intended, to parts of our lives that we have to make shifts in!

So, we have programmed ourselves to remember our dreams.  What now?

I suggest keeping a journal and pen at side of the bed and when awakening, do NOT get out of bed.  Place yourself in a comfortable position, relax and focus on what was happening during your dream.

Note the season, the clothing you were wearing and the mood of the dream. Were you happy, anxious, alone or with a crowd of people?  Did you know them?  How did you feel about their presence and what message did you get from being with them?

Quite often we have Past Life dreams which are the reason I mention the clothing you were wearing and the people involved at the time.

Questions to ask yourself while relaxing are; first, and seriously, did I eat too late in the evening. Our system can be altered by pizza, greasy food or that faithful standby... Chinese food!

Secondly: is the dream about happenings in my present day surroundings and what am I learning from this? For instance, a very common dream is the elevator dream... you are stuck in it or it rises or descends quickly. Are you heading into a situation in life, career or personal where you need to be more in control of the direction you are taking?

Consider also while analyzing your dream whether it is a message that perhaps you have been giving too much of yourself in personal or career relationships. A dream of a speeding car or a flat tire often comes along to warn us about this. A definite need to slow down and not allow the “air” or energy to be depleted from our systems.

Quite often when we are entering big changes in our lives i.e. a marriage/divorce or out of town move we will dream of the house or area we grew up in and often the people who were in our lives at the time. This dream, a very common one with my clients, is simply that you are revisiting the place or time where you were comfortable and secure. Give yourself permission to move on from that phase of your life and take the steps that are awaiting you.

Dreams are meant to help us to move on with our lives or to just confirm that we are happy with where we are but to be open to any changes that may be coming to us.

Enjoy them and learn from them!

Books I highly recommend:
Stream of Dreams by Leon Nascon
Interpreting Dreams A-Z by Leon Nascon

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