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Letters to Carole....

"I allow myself to achieve my goals."


Dear Carole:
I am a Virgo born August 28tth, 1952 and am contemplating going into a totally new business venture. Why am I so leery? Long distance travel is involved and I am really being torn between duty of the home and the fun travel may bring.

Any advice and what crystal would be good for me to carry with me?

Thank you…Jennie from Seattle

Dear Jennie:
Well, the biggest problem is your date of birth, you are on the cusp or edge of Leo and Virgo. Leos like to wander and Virgo is very organized... sometimes to a fault I may add. You have contracted to learn balance in this life and you surely will by taking this leap of faith and trusting your inner voice. New business ventures will actually provide you with the best of both worlds, freedom that the Leo in you thrives on and the space and organization that the Virgo requires. Firm handshakes in the career area are in the cards so let things happen as they may. Jennie, you are on a journey that I feel you have been putting off for some time... go with it and enjoy the adventure that is waiting for you.

I suggest you carry Carnelain and Amethyst with you…both are for clarity and ambition.

Go for it and watch for the wonderful signs from the Universe affirming that you are on the right track.

Enjoy, Carole

Dear Carole:
I listen to your radio show and am amazed at how you can talk to people over the phone and tell them things about themselves.
Can you explain the process or is there any explanation?

Thank you Andrea from Salt Spring Island B.C.

Dear Andrea:
You are not the first one to be intrigued by what happens when I am either on my radio show or with a client. I am by far the most amazed by what happens or “comes out” during my sessions.

I truly believe that we have Guardian Angels working with us and I know that my Guides work with me, and I must say, I keep them on their toes. I know that when one works from integrity good things happen, whether you are a Loan officer at a bank or a Greeter at a local department store. Energy is a wonderful thing and although we don’t totally understand it we work with it daily and many interesting things happen.

Once we open ourselves to trusting that there is more “out there” than we can actually see or feel then feelings and thoughts will appear to us.
How many times have you been sitting reading or watching television and out of corner of your eye you see little lights, ones I call “firefly lights”? These lights I have discovered through many sessions with clients are our angels letting us know they are around us and just guiding and watching over us. Many find this comforting and I myself always look up, acknowledge and say “Welcome”

Energy Andrea, works in many ways and that is part of how a Medium works, or “does her stuff” a phrase many use when asking me questions pertaining to what happens during my daily life.

Trust and you will be amazed at what you will discover each and every day and always say Thank you when you learn something new from your Angels. It is never ending and always rewarding so be aware.


Books I highly recommend:
*Angel Visions 1 & 2, By Doreen Virtue
*Animals and the Afterlife, By Kim Sheridan
*My Camino, By Sue Kenney
*Miracles, By Richard Webster

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