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I Trust in the Power of My Guides

"I trust in the power of my guides."

I would like to share my ideas or beliefs on Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels with you.

Throughout my life as a Medium and having the opportunity of talking with and meeting people from all over the world, I can honestly say I believe that we have assistance from many realms.  Listeners to my radio show and my clients are always very eager to know the difference between Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels.

As we go through our daily life we have many angels around us, there to assist us when we ask... and remember, we have to ask!

I believe that before we are born we have guides that we make a contract with and they are with us throughout our lives. What better word for energies that can take us through our lives, give us signs that we are on either the right or wrong path... Guides!
Skeptics will always have arguments towards this concept but, if we are open to the thought we will benefit from the directions we are shown.

While living on beautiful Salt Spring island in B.C. I read a book by Medium and author Rosemary Altea...”The Eagle and the Rose.” Rosemary spoke of a Native named Gray Feather and the role he played in her life as her guide. I admit I was very skeptical and thought “how can someone you never knew or met be your Guide!” Well, the Universe decided to show me by making a very tall native man appear at the bottom of my bed, put his arms out and say “be peaceful!”  No, I hadn’t consumed too much brandy and did not eat pizza before retiring that evening. He appeared two nights in a row with the same message. I of course, told no one and wondered why, and most importantly, how did he manifest at the bottom of my bed at three in the morning!

Much to my surprise during a walk around the island I came upon an artist painting a picture of a man identical to the one in my room. Again, I didn’t say anything to my friends, just pondered on it and talked to my Guardian Angels and asked them how this had happened. Coincidence or an over active imagination! I was open to both.

Time, and learning that the artist had appeared on the island with the intent of painting one picture and then leave showed me it was not my imagination and the painting is hanging on my wall as I write this column..

I of course wrote Rosemary Altea a letter of apology for doubting her book and thanked my angels for giving me a sign that yes; it is possible to have guides in spirit or Spirit Guides!

As a Medium I see people who have passed on and I refer to them as Guardian Angels... I don’t use the word dead or spirit in this instance. They are here to guide us and guard us... hence, Guardian Angels.

I totally believe in the heavenly angels... Archangel Michael, Raphael and Uriel and numerous others. They also give us direction and look out for us. How many times have you heard of a near accident or one that could have been much worse and the words used to describe the event are usually” it was a miracle.”

I call it divine intervention!

Just trust and you will see many signs as I did and you too will believe!
Be Peaceful

Recommended Reading:
The Eagle and the Rose by Rosemary Altea
Angels in the forest by Susan Duplan
Crossing Over by John Edward
Angel Medicine by Doreen Virtue
Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette

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