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Our Inner Voice... 

What is it?  Do we all have one and even more puzzling...  Do our faithful pets share this asset with us?

I remember the feeling of awe as a young child when my Grandma Kenyon would always “know” when there was danger or other happenings in the family that no one else was aware of. Upon questioning her I would always get her famous wink and the words of wisdom, “A little birdy told me.”

Throughout my childhood I soon discovered that Grandma had obviously left the little feathered creature in her will, and I got it!

Working with people and learning how to use and trust my Inner voice or “gut” feeling as it is often referred to I also discovered that animals tune in to feelings of others...  Sometimes good, sometimes bad!

Remember the old saying “If children and dogs like you, then you must be okay?”
My Bichon Rebel used to travel with me when I worked out of town and I could always tell when a client was open to the energy that was around them just by Rebel’s acceptance of them.  If a client had an attitude as such (which of course I could handle) Reb would go and sit at the farthest part of the hotel suite...  No attitude, he would be right at their feet and often slept through the session! It was very interesting to watch, and I will mention that now my Bichon Tuffy has the same interaction with people.

I don’t put that down to the breed but to Animal Intuition.

Our pets know when we are “under the weather” so to speak and know when to either climb on our bed or sleep beside it.

They also have an internal clock as to when we will be arriving home from work or out of the home events.  Not always at the same time I have found through my research...  they just seem to “know” when we are turning that corner to come home. I have yet to meet a four legged wearing a Timex!

I recently watched an interesting show on Life Channel. “Animal Miracles” features stories about just that...  pets who have done extraordinary things to save their family from perishing in a fire or becoming victims of a robbery.  Obviously they smelled the smoke or heard a noise but how did they know what to do in an emergency?

I truly believe that they, like us, have their own little "birdy" guiding them and their Inner voice and "Gut feeling" kick in and awesome things occur.  Miracles!

Take the time to be aware that our pets are in our lives for a purpose and we need to be more tuned in to their thoughts and actions.  We can learn a lot from them and vice versa.

Enjoy the journey!

~~Carole Matthews


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