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Apply the Four Agreements in our Daily Lives

"I allow myself to be present and in the moment.

How do we learn to live in the present moment?

I have finally found the way to live in the moment.

Whenever you feel that you are stuck in the memories of the past or dwell on the negatives that were part of your journey simply stop, take a deep breath and ask yourself…

What have I learned from these lessons and is it in my good to continue on this path or stop right where you are and look around you. I remember clearly the day, in my early twenties and as a single parent I felt like the whole Universe was closing in on me and very quickly I will add. I called my father and whined to him about all the issues that were overwhelming me. Well, my dad was always a man of few words and his advice was to go look out the window at all the people walking in the street... they had many more problems than I would ever have!

Was I pleased with his advice? Not in the least... they were they and I was me and at that moment I very foolishly thought my wise father had let me down. Poor judgment on my part and oh so wrong!

Every thing is energy and once we realize that what we project we will attract, plain and simple. E.g. you rush home from work and on the way remember that you forgot the main ingredient for tonight’s’ dinner... a trip to the nearby grocery store is in order. Not in your plans of course but it can’t be avoided. Be guaranteed that if you are totally in a bad “poor me” mood you will attract the one cashier who has had the same type of day you had. So, remember my wonderful father’s wise words, stand back, collect yourself and be glad you are able to drive to a store/buy food and go home and cook for yourself or your family. You are now in the MOMENT and you will notice a little smile creeping across your lips.

Make a habit of doing this, because one attempt to be in the present moment can keep you from a lifetime of headaches and rushed days.

We will always have days that I call “bad hair days”...

Our moods will catch up with us but this only shows that we are human and that is the wonderful part of this journey...we have choices.

Take care of what is in front of you and the Universe will do the rest.

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Celestine Prophecy by: James Redfield

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