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Just Trust

~~AFFIRMATION of the Week~~
"I allow myself to trust my inner voice."

Many thanks for the letters and comments on my columns and their content. The intent of The MessengerFiles Radio show and column is to help people become more aware in all areas of "New Age" topics. The common thread I have found through your requests and questions is plain and simple curiosity:

"I want to know more, can we really benefit from daily affirmations? Are Guardian angels real, do they exist and how can I tap in to this "unseen" phenomena?  Do we all have soul-mates and how do we know when we meet them?"  The questions are endless and interesting, and of course, a columnists dream!

Feedback I have been receiving from metaphysical stores across Canada and into the States is very encouraging: sales in Tarot cards, Medicine Cards, Runes and all other forms of divination are soaring.  People are experimenting and following their intuition more and starting to trust their findings.

Television shows such as Touched By An Angel, Miracles, Crossing Over with medium John Edward and others, are enjoying excellent ratings and reviews.  I will proudly mention also that my MessengerFiles radio show has been well received and the phone lines are busier each week.  I am pleased that questions and feedback from listeners have depth, not just "fortune teller" questions...i.e. "am I getting a new car, or what are my lucky numbers etc."

I am often asked why the interest now, more than before.  My answer is that the subject has been around for years, only now are we discovering that we need to have something to believe in that brings optimism and is eternal.  Hence, an amazing assortment of books and tapes on life after death, reincarnation, guardian angels and soul-mates.

A couple of years ago I reluctantly appeared on a national television show in Toronto. The intent of the show was to debunk what I and others in my profession do... the subject of angels and reincarnation was of course brought up.  I admit I was rather tense but stood up for my beliefs during the hosts' opening interview.  The telephone lines were then opened, it was very apparent as the show progressed that callers who were expected to voice their disbelief in the topic were doing the total opposite.  A show that was geared up for debate turned into a sharing of stories from very open and dedicated people, ones who obviously had experienced sessions with a medium, visits from guardian angels and lifetimes with their soul-mates.

Statistics from surveys in Canada and the United States show that from 1976 to 2003 belief in listening to your dreams, following your inner voice, messages from those passed over, reincarnation and other related subjects has grown between 60 to 80% I will close by saying "Just Trust" and give it a try!

~~Carole Matthews

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