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Never gone... 

Never forgotten...

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened!

Truer words have never been spoken.

I was honored recently to have Kim Sheridan, Author of “Animals and the Afterlife,” on my MessengerFiles radio show. 

Throughout the years, during private sessions with my clients I have seen and felt the presence of their departed animals.

I guess this is where I explain that I was born with the gift of being an Intuitive Medium. And I enjoy every day of the journey. A Medium, for those of you who are not familiar with the term, is not only a dress size but is a person who, during a session, mediates/interprets messages from those who have passed on.

When with a client I will see/hear and feel their passed on parent, sibling, co-worker and, much to my amazement one day in 1980…their departed animals.

I have always called those who have passed on “Guardian Angels. They are here to guard us and guide us, so Angels they are!

To get back to that day in 1980, I was with a client in my office when suddenly I felt a cat stroke up against my leg . Well, I was having much difficulty keeping a straight face, and I may point out, I was not at all fond of cats at that time. Said cat, orange in color, then climbed up on the back of the wing chair my client was relaxing in. I asked Michael if indeed he had a cat. On a separate piece of paper I wrote down what I was seeing, size color and collar design. Michael informed me that he had a cat named “Blue” that not only fit the description, but also always used to curl up behind him on his favorite wing chair. I smiled and said “say hi to Blue.”

From that day forward I enjoyed many of my clients passed on animals coming to me. Either in shape/aroma /name or just through a “pet trick” they had with their owners.

It always brings comfort to people to know that their animals indeed do have souls and experience the same passing over process we as humans do.

I suggest for you to remain open about this concept and talk to your pets the way you would talk to your passed on family members and friends.

Be open to signs that will appear... you may feel a warm breeze, or even a nudge on your leg. Don’t be alarmed. Your beloved pet didn’t hurt you in life... they won’t now.

Just trust and your Guardian Angels will give you the signs that you ask for.


~~Carole Matthews

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