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Affirmation:  I allow myself to view things with an open mind...

Do our pets come back to us in Spirit to let us know they are okay, feeling free and out of pain?

As the saying goes “If I had a penny for every time I am asked that question!”

During my life as a Medium I have seen visions of and connected with people who have passed on. I call them Guardian Angels... here to guide us and to guard us in our daily lives. I feel this is a gift and am proud to have it and to share with others.

One of the most interesting parts of my private consultations is when I am able to see or feel the energy of a pet who has passed on. I have never taken what I do for granted and I believe this keeps me open to the “other side.”

Recently, I was having a leisurely lunch with a friend when a big German Shepherd/Husky dog walked in the door of the restaurant.  He sat next to our table.

I am a Bichon Frise owner and have a tendency to be a bit intimidated by big dogs... perhaps this could be a past life issue?

The energy that I felt from this dog was amazing.  I of course stared at him for a second then looked at my lunch partner.  He hadn’t noticed the dog or even reacted to my gaping look!

Well, I don’t have to tell you, there was no physical dog sitting there and for a moment I thought I might be hallucinating. Knowing and feeling that our four legged visitor was there for a reason, I had to act on what was happening yet be cautious so my friend wouldn’t be upset.

I very casually asked Steve if he liked animals and if he had lived with dogs in his childhood.  My sense was that this dog was from his childhood.  I am accepting and open to these happenings which occur daily in my life.

As Steve was reminiscing in his mind I took out my trusty pen and paper and started describing the dog, even down to the floppy ear and white star design on the forehead of this majestic animal.  I must admit that I felt a cool shiver as Steve told me that he had a dog named "Star" that passed away when he was ten and he had never wanted another dog as he knew he could never replace him.
I then handed the paper over to him, smiled and said,  “Say hello to Star.... he is at your side and is your Guardian Angel.”

Its’ true... real men do cry and eat quiche! They also make it!

What started out as a simple lunch ended with my friend feeling comfort that his friend was with him in Spirit and also prompted the decision to be open to allowing another animal in his life.  Steve then told me that he had been thinking of and feeling the energy of Star in the past weeks and was missing his trusty four legged friend.  It was very clear to both of us that Star knew this and came to give his master a message through me.

Steve recently sent me a picture of Dakota, his new friend... both are well and happy!

The Universe and our Guardian Angels work in mysterious ways... be open to and trust the signs!

~~Carole Matthews

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