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Everything that surrounds us,
Everything that we brush past unknowing,
Everything we touch which is not felt,
Everything that we meet unnoticing
Has on us swift, surprising and inexplicable effects.

~ DeMaupassant

Daily our awareness is increasing and we are recognizing that there is no such thing as coincidence.

“Coincidence is God’s way of opening the door to fate.”
I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Michael Newton author of many books… his latest being Lives Between Lives. I have always believed in Soulmates, Past Lives and Reincarnation so it was with bated breath that I waited for this meeting with this interesting man.

It was almost as if the Universe knew I would be talking with Michael because I started receiving letters/ emails and phone calls about Soulmates and their roles in our lives. How do we recognize them and most importantly… do we marry them!

Let’s talk about what Soulmates are and the three categories they can fall into:

Primary Soulmates:
This soul can frequently, but not always, be a spouse or a very committed partner. You may find them in the role of a brother, sister, best friend, and even, on rare occasions, a parent.

Companion Soulmates:
Michael writes that these are souls within a cluster group who make-up our spiritual family. They can appear in our lives as siblings, children and also as good friends.

Affiliated Souls:
I see these soulmates as people who have come into our lives for a reason… to teach us something… such as karmic lessons. We all know that Karma, as in the words of Jessica Andrews very popular song of the same name.., ”What goes round comes round.”

I believe, and have, as we all have, seen instances where someone comes into our lives… we spend time with them, learn many things with them and from them and they all of a sudden leave our lives.

We are devastated, thinking that they would have been with us forever and we spend our days questioning the relationship.
I counsel my clients, and have had to talk to myself in my own personal life…”Let it go… take what you learned from meeting this person or persons and get yourself ready for the positive doors that will now open for you.” Not easy, I admit but if we give it a try it works. Much better than the option of beating ourselves up standing still and not growing!

People come in to our lives for a Reason a Season or a Lifetime.
There is a formula I worked out one day while talking with a client. It just came to me out of the blue and made a lot of sense at the time so I continue to use it and share with people!

I believe that we have to go through the experiences with the people that come into our lives for a REASON. The reason can be simply to show us that we have to open up more emotionally or, to not give as much in that area.

We meet the SEASON people to show us that we don’t really have to get totally involved to enjoy ourselves. Season people can teach us to just have fun, grow, get to know ourselves. To learn that we are safe to keep our own identity and therefore will attract the same energy in another person. Many needs can be met with a Season person if we just trust in ourselves to take one day at a time and pursue our dreams with them, but not necessarily ride off into the sunset with them! They are the people who say, “Hey, have you ever wanted to ride a motorbike… jump on! Have you ever wanted to go windsurfing in the middle of the week?
Wow, your inner child is screaming… “give me more!!!”

SO NOW… The LIFETIME person. Well, we have gone through the Reason and Season people. We are pretty sure of ourselves and our direction and what we want and don’t want in our daily lives. Well, now, coincidentally (again, no such thing) the Lifetime person will appear and will have experienced and survived all or some of the places we have gone in our mind or physically with our REASON and SEASON partners.

Awareness of this will be instant for both people and voila!!!

We have met our Soulmate!

Isn’t life a wonderful journey?

Be there, be open and enjoy!!!!

~~Carole Matthews

Books I recommend on the Subject:
Soulmates by Jess Stearn
Only Love is Real by Brian Weiss M.D.
Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss M.D.
Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton
Life Between Lives by Michael Newton
Case For Reincarnation by Joe Fisher

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