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Soulmates the real thing...

Here on the MessengerFiles we talk about and put into action/the concept of affirmations/ guardian angels/soulmates and the power of trust.

I have a wonderful story... a true story of a combination of the above... and it came to a head on this past Sept. 11th...

While we will never forget the tragedy of 2 years ago, I must say I can now think of the 11th day of the 9th month this year and smile... and broadly I must say.

This is the story of two people... Ron and Phyllis Madill, friends of mine and many others!

Married for 40 years and parents of two great sons they had a big decision to make, one that I am sure many may struggle with...  Ron needed a kidney transplant... his wife Phyllis chose without a hesitation to be his donor.  I talked to Phyllis last week and asked her how she felt about the whole picture and she just said “Carole, we have to trust and go ahead, there is no way we can doubt the outcome.

She shared that she had an apprehensive, yet peaceful feeling about the whole life- saving procedure.  We discussed guardian angels, and yes, she could feel their presence, especially lately.

In a time where there is a lot of unrest and marriages and families are falling apart from stress, I cannot help but be awed by the devotion of these two people... of course, they must have had their “days”... after all, it has been 40 years... a few slammed doors and cold dinners, I am sure!

I truly believe in Soulmates and how people come into our lives for a reason and I am VERY SURE that Ron and Phyllis met, to love each other and to share their lives with their children and now are expressing their amazing bond with each other.

People come in to our lives for a season, a reason or a lifetime..I believe that Ron and Phyllis have covered all of the above...

Soulmates ,without a question.

~Carole Matthews
Sept. 12th, 2003

****Since I shared this story with my listeners I received many letters of hope and prayers. I thank you all because they worked, as we know they do!

Phyllis and Ron are doing well and Ron is celebrating his 65th birthday on Aug.5th….a true Leo.  A fighter to the end!!!

~~Carole Matthews

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