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I have decided this edition to explore Tarot cards and their myths and origin. Many listeners to my radio show enjoy when I feature the mysterious cards and I always pull a card for each caller. It is amazing to all just how accurate the message is!

A tarot reading integrates three things,1) the question asked by you, the querent!2) the spread placing the cards in specific position and3) the cards themselves.

When placed in a spread the card's meanings are then further extended to relate to the place it is in, with the cards put in order to help answer the question.

One of the many questions I am asked during a Tarot card reading is: are they bad? I just smile and say “do you play poker?” Tarot cards were used to play poker and were enjoyed for many years in many cultures. Tarot cards are used for practical problem-solving, understanding our inner secrets and divination through readings but can also be used for creative visualization in meditation, affirming what you want and just for the experience.

A question I am often asked is: is it bad luck to buy my own cards?

Actually it is probably better to buy your own cards. You alone can feel the right energy from a deck, and you alone know which style or art that you desire. The notion that they must be given as a gift is an old wives tale. I always buy my own because I feel that I am putting my own energy into the purchase…the intention is there.
There are several methods for choosing your own deck. First I look at a few decks of different styles and artwork to find a selection I\ like the most. If you're a newcomer I would suggest the Rider Waite Deck…it is very simple and doesn’t have the ominous pictures that some have. Once you have a style, such as the Rider Deck, go with how you feel. I remember the first deck I bought for myself felt very comfortable as I held it, whereas others made me feel not as comfortable. Why, I didn’t question it…just listen to your inner voice!

When buying a deck you can shop at Chapters or online and I have also discovered e-bay…who knew? You can purchase books on Tarot or simply use the one that comes with the deck.

You can store your cards in any way you want to, whether that is in the box they came in, wrapped in silk, in a wooden box. I keep mine in an old Crown Royal bag…but that is me! Just keep it simple…it is not meant to be difficult…just enjoy the cards! However you look after your deck the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with them and they are easily accessible to you.

How to shuffle and select cards?

You can shuffle the tarot cards as you would a normal deck of cards. Some decks are very large (such as the THOTH deck) and it is difficult to shuffle as you would normally. In this case lay the cards on the table and mingle them together until you feel that you have finished. You will know when to stop, sometimes you will hear the actual word STOP in your head…I have heard this from my clients at the onset of a reading.

Enjoy the journey of working with these interesting cards and again, keep it simple!

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