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Throughout my many years of having the gift of being a Psychic/Medium I have had the pleasure of meeting many people, hearing their stories  and in turn sharing them with my clients, radio listeners and through columns such as this one.

I truly believe we receive messages from those departed, whether it be a person we have loved or an animal that was dear to us.  These messages donít have to be words or visual happenings, they can just be!

My own experience with having a Bichon named Rebel for 15 years and having to make the decision to let him go while he could still see and feel the sunshine on his face, has made me even more of a believer in our Angels helping us.

I had heard the  words ďCoincidence is Godís way of opening the door to fateĒ many times in my life and I was about to be shown the truth of this saying!

After endless days of grieving for my dog, I, through a coincidental conversation, heard about new puppies of the same breed so off I went to look, just look mind you.

 Of course... I like many who have gone through this type of loss, was NOT ever going to have another dog in my life. Or so I thought! If you want to hear God laugh tell him your plans.

Well, not only did I find the right puppy, or shall I say... he found me, but Tuffy, my new friend, was born in Meaford, on the same day and same hour as my long time pal Rebel passed away.

After only twenty four hours in my  home Tuffy went what I call ďmissing" and there I was scampering around my cabin looking for him. I had just turned off the television and computer. This was always Rebelís cue to go to the bedroom door and await the arrival of his mistress.  You guessed it, there he sat, all 3 lbs of fur and big brown eyes with an expectant look on his face. In front of my bedroom door!

I knew at that moment that after Rebelís soul had been released  he made a choice to come back and be with me again. Coincidence?? I think not.

Angels show themselves to you when you least expect it, often when all hope is lost... Just be open to the signs!

~~Carole Matthews

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