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You will Know...

"We long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults. Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment."
~ George Eliot

What a meaningful quote. Words of wisdom that prove to us that our pets are here to help us and to be an ongoing part of our lives.
We need to be aware that the bond that we shared with them goes on forever and, as in life, they do not judge us or hold us responsible for any of our actions.

One of the most difficult things is knowing when to let go of an animal that we have shared our days with. Dr. Easton, a well known vet in Toronto, set me at ease with his advice regarding the decisions that I would be making for my Bichon/Friend Rebel.

“Always remember it is important to make the decision while he can still see the sunshine and feel the warmth of it on his body.”

When I asked him how I would know he just smiled and said “you will know, he will tell you!”

I spoke earlier of a bond that we have with our pets... I also feel it is like a contract made before they even arrive in our lives. The intuitive feeling we experience will continue and they also will tell us when it is time to release their ashes or to have the final resting place made ready for them.

I am often asked if spreading their ashes will set them free and help them to move on.
My answer is simply, as Dr. Easton once said “you will know!”

I truly believe that it is a decision made with them and they, because of the bond and the trust we shared in life, will leave it up to us.

I always suggest to my clients to take the time to sit quietly and recall the good times you had together and then ask them what they want. Consider them your Guardian Angel and trust that the message you receive will be the one they know will be best for both of you.

Books I suggest are:
Pets Tell the Truth by Agnes Julia Thomas
Animals and The Afterlife by Kim Sheridan

~~Carole Matthews

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