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Months and years have passed and although I believe we should not stand at their grave and weep, it isn’t always easy.

I have never been one to dread the “anniversary” of a loved ones’ passing and have always done something on that day that would make them happy.  Plant a rose bush, take a walk, or, in my sister’s case, go for a pedicure. Kathy always took wonderful care of herself and a pedicure was one of those pampering moments she allowed herself.

I was not at all surprised when that special butterfly landed on my newly manicured foot that day in June. 

Approaching the third year of Kathy leaving us, I was rather sad ,but knew she was in a better place so, upon wakening on Sunday, June 13th, I decided to have a coffee on my deck and
talk to my sis and tell her how much we all missed her and I told her to send us the biggest butterfly she could muster up and it had to be at my daughter Patti’s place so we could all share it.  In the background, I could hear my phone ringing, but I decided it was only ten a.m. so they could call back.  After all, I was busy putting in an order with my sis!

In the meantime, my brother dropped in and we chatted about the plans for the day.... celebrating his birthday at Patti’s.

I shared with him my request for yet another butterfly from Kathy and he said it would be awesome.  The phone started ringing again so I decided I had better get on with my day.
Upon checking my messages, the calls were from my daughter telling me there was a huge butterfly on their back step and I had better call her.

Apparently her husband Bob had noticed it on the step an hour earlier... it appeared when I was talking to Kathy!

Need I say I hurried over... and there it was, on the step that everyone including the cat had to walk over to get outside and even weirder the screen door was dangerously brushing over it each time it opened.

After taking pictures of the butterfly, I suggested that we take it out to the picnic table with us.  I will mention it was now 3 p.m. and it hadn’t made any attempt to fly away.

Sitting at the picnic table I put my hand flat out and said quietly, as before, “Okay sis if this is you, climb up on the back of my hand”.

Can you feel the tears?

Across the picnic table she started her little stroll and climbed up on my hand.  Everyone was in awe, not a dry eye to be found.

To give you a visual, my grandson Michael was playing his new guitar for us and his sister Jesse was playing her viola.  A beautiful day and we were honored to share it with this little creature that was sent to us, and it seemed, upon request.

Well, my sister was used to my optimism and me so I said quietly...” Ok sis, lets’ walk up my arm and get on my shoulder.”

Well, she always was a good listener and she slowly climbed to my shoulder!

It is not hard to imagine the look of joy and awe on the faces of everyone.  My grandchildren continued to play the appropriate song for the day... “Song of Joy.”  Time seemed to stand still and my little angel was on my shoulder but seemed to be trembling so I put my hand over “her” and as I had three years before told her not to be scared and if she needed to go she could and we were thankful for the time she had shared with us.

Through tears of happiness and thankfulness we watched as she began yet another flight on a never-ending journey.

We are not alone and need to listen to and trust the messages our angels send to us.

Just trust!

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