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"It is with great pride and love that I dedicate this site to my wonderful sister and friend Kathy...

Her warmth and inspiration lives on...

God made us sisters but life made us friends... "

~ Carole...       











The Visit

I found during the process of writing my book that it was always advisable to make notes as events happened so I would be able to remember each detail.

Well, this story will stay in my mind and in the minds of many others for years to come, no notes required.  When my wonderful sister Kathy was diagnosed with breast cancer on June 6, 2001, I was there holding her hand and told her not to be scared... although I myself was terrified of what was to come.

And indeed it did, Kathy left us on June 13, 2001, seven days later to go to a better place.  But before she left I held her and told her not to be scared and to send us an abundance of butterflies when she arrived safely on the other side.  Well, she sure did.  No sooner had she left but a nurse from the previous floor Kathy had been on came rushing into the room with a piece of paper formed into an envelope with my sister’s name on it... she told us breathlessly that she was told to bring it to us.  Upon opening it we found a beautiful silk butterfly.

Kathy’s journey had begun.

Months passed and we all had awesome butterfly stories to share with each other.  On the year anniversary of Kathy’s passing I was at my daughter Patti’s house sitting in the garden when I saw a tiny butterfly grazing on flowers around me.  I decided to try something, so I said very quietly “Ok sis, if that is you, please fly over and land on my foot.  As my grandson A.J. walked out of the door, she landed on my foot.  He smiled and said, “hmmm that must be Aunt Kathy!”

With tears of happiness in my eyes I smiled and said ” for sure.”

A.J. then returned to the house and she flew away.  I watched her go and said out loud., ”Ok sis, let’s do this again... please land on my toe!”

Well, Kathy never disappointed me in life and she sure wasn’t going to now... she headed for my big toe, again, just as A.J. came out the door!

We sat and watched as this beautiful little creature walked around my toe and shared an hour of her busy time with us.

It was wonderful to see my grandson's eyes widen with awe as he watched her go slowly around my toe and my foot... then she left!

It was not an easy chore for him to get me to leave and get on with my day.  I wanted to stay and bask in the feeling forever .

It just happened he was having a “sleepover” at Gram’s that night and on the way he said  “wouldn’t it be great if we had a huge butterfly on your deck in the morning Gram?”

I replied, “we will see what Kathy has planned for us.”

I went to my bed feeling peaceful that night and gave thanks to all involved with sharing those moments with us.

Upon wakening, coffee poured and relaxing, my friend Dorothy appeared with a smile and a parcel!

A.J. was still asleep so I suggested we go sit on the porch, but she said, “in a minute if you don’t mind.  I have something I want you to open in here, it is for your deck.”

Our voices woke my grandson and her words got his attention.  In the package was a BIG brass butterfly wind chime.  A.J. just pulled the covers over his head and said, “O my God!”

We hung the gift and thanked all again!

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Conclusion?  :  Continued Validation

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