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Wonders Never Cease to Happen...

How does one compose and share a story that touches them so much? Easy, I say. Just sit down and let the words flow... many will benefit.

Many of you have read my dedication to my sister Kathy and the story of the awesome butterfly that appeared on the anniversary of her passing.

I truly believe our Guardian Angels are around us at special times and Mother's Day was a very happy time for Kathy and me.  She was so proud of her two daughters Denise and Jacqueline and throughout our growing up years referred to me affectionately as her mother. We shared the birth of her objects of affection... the labor pains, the tears and the joy of their arrival, not to mention their growing up.

Today, Mother's Day 2005 was a day of reflection for me and many mothers around the world.  Myself, for my three children and six grandchildren and for the mother energies I have had in my life... they taught me many life lessons!

This beautiful Sunday morning I shared a sunrise coffee with my sis on my deck overlooking beautiful Georgian Bay.  I thanked her for being my Guardian Angel and asked her what she was going to do today to let me know she was in the area, so to speak!

Well, I again asked her to send me a butterfly and please make it a big one.  Kathy was used to my being specific and never let me down, either in life or spirit!  I soon found out that today was not going to be any different.

My wonderful grandson A.J., the one who shared the other Kathy/butterfly appearances was going to be the bearer of my Mother's Day gift from his favorite aunt.  He appeared with a big bag in hand and a smile on his face, a kiss and Happy Mother's Day wishes.  As I was opening the bag he said, “Sorry Gram... looked for a small one but had to get this one”.  Of course we know what I pulled out of the bag. A beautiful pink silk butterfly.

Of course, the Universe decided to make this moment even more special. I was opening the present in front of my laptop when my family picture screensaver decided to show my sister’s picture. AJ and I looked at each other and smiled.

Walking him to his car we saw our first real butterfly of the season... it/she flew around me and headed out and circled his car.

I Believe.

I thank Kathy and my ever present Guides for sharing today with me.

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